Rem Survival Wiki

How do I build a base?[]

  • You can make a shelter in your default crafting, and after you've placed it on the ground, you can then put the mats inside it with a hammer (need wood).
  • If you want to build your own home, you will need a Building plan. It requires 5 paper to craft, which you can make with 5 wood. While holding the Building Plan, you can right click to make the choices appear. You can then scroll your mouse wheel to change the type of ressource, as there is 6 different one : Sticks, wood, stone, tin, metal, and brick. After that you need an hammer to put the materials in it.

How do I make Yarn ?[]

  • Put plant fibers in a campfire to heat it, it will transform into yarn.

How do I make metal plate ?[]

  • You first need to find it as this can't be crafted early on. You can either purchase 1 at the vendor or find in loot/airdrops. Then you can use a research/recycle kit on it to be able to craft it. It requires 5 low grade metal.

How do I make Brick structure ?[]

  • You need the same amount of Bricks and Concrete to build brick structures. To make some brick, all you need to do is placing some clay in your furnace with a Stone Mold. To make Concrete, you first need to learn the cement mix recipe by researching it with a research kit. You can then craft cement mix which needs clay and sand. Finally, you put the cement mix into the cement mixer, which needs power and water to work. Have a water bucket in your hands and press E in front of the cement mixer to fill it up.

How can I get electricity/power ?[]

  • There's a bunch of ways to get power. The first one would be to find a power pole in most Point of Intererest (POI). You would then need to use Pliers and have some wires in your inventory. Click on the pole with it and then you will see a wire that you can link it to something that requires power. Since the wire has a max range, you will need to place Connectors all along the way to be able to wire it to your base.
  • A second way would be to find a Generator with all the pieces missing inside it. You then need some low grade fuel to make it work and by pressing E to put it ON. All you need to do now is linking with pliers and wires the Generator to what you're trying to get power to, like lights or cement mixer for example.
  • The third way, is by placing a Solar Panel, that you would link to a Battery Bank, it will recharge it during the day. Then you just link the Battery Bank to the things you want power to. You must press E to put the battery Bank ''ON'' and ''OFF''.
  • Fourth way is the same as above, but with a Wind Generator.

How do I pickup stuff that I placed ? (Including doors/locks)[]

  • You can pick most items you've placed (like a furnace for example) by having an empty slot in your hotbar, going on that empty slot (to be empty handed), and pressing shift+click while looking at it. Please empty your containers (like a storage box or a locker) before picking them up, as your items inside them might be erased. If they aren't erased, a bag will drop on the ground, but you better not take the chance.
  • Note that if you've re-mapped the Sprint key (which is default shift) then you have to use your Sprint key instead of shift. The note on the UI doesn't show this

How do I get access to new items in my crafting tab ?[]

  • You either find blueprints in loot and learn it, or use a Research Kit or Recycle Kit on a specific item that you want to learn. Note that the Recycle Kit will erase the item you will learn. Some items aren't Researchable.

How do I close the light of my light helmet/miner hat ?[]

  • You can't for now. Best way is putting your helm on your hotbar, so that you switch it up with another non-light helmet, by left clicking while on it on your hotbar.

How do I open/close the light mod of my gun ?[]

  • Press F

What does servers PVE Conflict means ?[]

  • It means you can still kill players when you see them, but you can't raid their base with c4 or explosives.

How to enable clan chat and server notifications[]

  • Chat options can be accessed by the small chat icon next to the chat text box in-game.