Rem Survival Wiki

Getting Started[]

So how does it work? There are a few things needed to get up and running. First, you need to download the SteamCMD file, or Steam Console Client if as it’s also known.

Create a directory for the downloaded files C:\SteamCMD for example.

Double-click the file you just downloaded and let it extract all the files which will then be placed inside the new C:\SteamCMD folder. It should end up looking like this:


If you are running another OS, the check the SteamCMD page for more info.


Method 1[]

  • Launch the steamcmd executable.
  • Once that load there’s a Steam> prompt.
  • Type: login anonymous

Once that is logged in and you see the Steam> prompt again it’s time to update files for RemSurvival

  • Type: app_update 1141420

The files will then download and you can see the progress as they come down.


Once that is concluded type “exit” to leave SteamCMD.

Important note: To update the files in the future follow the above then login and type app_update 1141420.

Method 2[]

Create a file in SteamCMD folder and name it RemSurvivalServerDownload.bat and then edit the file to contain the blow text.

@echo off start steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir C:\RemSurvivalDedicatedServer +app_update 1141420 validate +quit

Run this .bat file to update or install.


Now the files are installed it’s time to set things up and running on your server.

Inside this folder C:\RemSurvivalDedicatedServer there is file called StartServer.bat. Click this to launch the server. Once it’s completed you can close down the server and it’s time to start setting the server config,

The StartServer.bat can also be configured to change Ports and set a MultiHome.

-MultiHome= -Port=7777 -QueryPort=27015

Go to the folder C:\RemSurvivalDedicatedServer\RemSurvival\Saved\Config\WindowsServer

Open the file ServerConfig.ini in notepad if there’s no file just create one and name it ServerConfig.ini.

The ini file should look like below


  • ServerAdmins=
  • ServerName=GPortal Test Server
  • MapSelection=Rise_Island
  • Description=
  • MaxPlayers=30
  • Region=AU
  • ServerConnectionType=Public
  • ServerPassword=
  • AdminRights=True
  • DayLengthMinutes=60
  • NightLengthMinutes=10
  • GameType=PVP
  • ServerHost=
  • ServerModerators=
  • MaxPing=250
  • ServerIdleMaxTick=1.000000
  • ExperimentalPlayerSlots=0
  • BannedUsers=
  • NPCDamageMultiplier=0.100000
  • RestrictTownBuilding=True
  • WhiteListUsers=
  • ServerMessageOftheDay=Welcome Survivalist
  • LootRespawnMultiplier=1.000000
  • NPCHealthMultiplier=1.000000
  • GatheringMultiplier=1.000000
  • ExperienceMultiplier=1.000000
  • RadiationMultiplier=1.000000
  • DecayMultiplier=1.000000
  • ThirstMultiplier=1.000000
  • HungerMultiplier=1.000000
  • DropOnDeath=0
  • NPCSpawnMultiplier=1.000000
  • You can enable experimental player slot for testing larger servers but this setting is untested!
  • Details on the following settings.
  • Multipliers the higher the faster/higher a value is being set.
  • GameType – Game Mode Type (PVP, PVE, PVECONFLICT)
  • GatheringMultiplier – The amount of resources collected when gathering or harvesting (0.1-5.0)
  • ExperienceMultiplier – The amount of experience points you earn from doing tasks, this also affects your research points Multiplier (0.1-5.0)
  • LootRespawnMultiplier – The amount of time between loot respawns (0.1-5.0)
  • NPCHealthMultiplier – The amount of health a NPC has (0.1-5.0)
  • NPCDamageMultiplier – The amount of damage a NPC can deal (0.1-5.0)
  • DropOnDeath
  • 0 = All
  • 1 = Backpack And Gear
  • 2 = Backpack And Belt
  • 3 = Backpack Only
  • 4 = None

You can enable experimental player slot for testing larger servers but this setting is untested!

Also in the folder C:\RemSurvivalDedicatedServer\RemSurvival\Saved\Config\WindowsServer you must also set the follow value in the Game.ini for the max amount of players.


  • MaxPlayers=60

Important note: Ports 27015, 7777 and 25575 for RCon need to be opened on your server to allow communication with your server so check your firewall or anything that could potentially block these ports.

Another point to note is that you may have issues if you are running the Steam client on the same machine you are running the server on. Shut down the Steam client.

The Server now has RCon support I recommend to use this client Taki7o7’s Mordhau RCON-Tool , a full list of Rcon commands can be found below.

RCon Settings are found in the Game.ini file.

  • [RCon]
  • Enabled=True
  • Port=25575
  • Password=YourPass


  • help – List available commands
  • listplayers – list online players
  • listbans – list banned players
  • kickplayer – kick player by steam id
  • unbanplayer – unban player by steam id
  • banplayer – ban player by steam id
  • con – engine console command
  • broadcast – broadcast a server message which lasts 10 seconds then gets removed
  • alive – server runtime
  • startbroadcast – broadcast a server message
  • stopbroadcast – remove broadcasted server message
  • telesafe – teleport player by id to a safe location
  • chat – send chat message as the server
  • whitelistplayer – whitelist a player by steam id
  • unwhitelistplayer – unwhitelist a player by steam id
  • save – save server
  • shutdown – save and shutdown server
  • listwhitelist – list whitelist players
  • addadmin – add admin by steam id
  • removeadmin – remove admin by steam id
  • addmod – add moderator by steam id
  • removemod – remove moderator by steam id
  • listadmins – list admins
  • listmods – list moderators
  • listversion – steam servers game version
  • forcequit – quit without saving
  • kickallplayers – kick all connected players

Starter Pack[]

You can create the following file "StarterItems.json" using a json editor and place it inside your Servers save folder using FileZilla, you must log into your server using your host, username, port and password, the default starter items are shown below you can extend and edit this as you wish.

		"Name": "WoodenBow",
		"Name": "BottledWater",
		"MinAmount": 1,
		"MaxAmount": 1
		"Name": "SmallMedkit",
		"MinAmount": 1,
		"MaxAmount": 1
		"Name": "Anti-RadPills",
		"MinAmount": 1,
		"MaxAmount": 3
		"Name": "CannedCorn",
		"MinAmount": 1,
		"MaxAmount": 1
		"Name": "StoneHatchet",
		"MinAmount": 1,
		"MaxAmount": 1
		"Name": "SleepingBag",
		"MinAmount": 1,
		"MaxAmount": 1